Hello Freedom Seeker!

If you are here, chances are that FREEDOM is a high priority for you. It drives your choices, your desires and it is your ultimate end goal. 

It certainly has been mine.

Hi, I’m Helen MacMillan. As far back I can remember, I longed to be free.

When I was a child, I longed for the freedom to make my own decisions. To come and go as I please. To buy the things I wanted. To have control over how I spent my time.

As an employee. I longed to have the freedom to make my own hours. Decide how much I earned. Choose who I spent my days with

As an entrepreneur. I longed to be free to chase my dreams fearlessly; Confidently ask for money and receive it abundantly; Show up authentically and speak my truth; work only ideal clients; Trust that I was enough and that there was more than enough.

As I woman I longed to be free to love myself unconditionally; feel comfortable in my skin – no matter what was happening or who I was with. To voice my own opinions unapologetically. See my magnificence. Own my power fully.

 The upside of having that longing for freedom was that it kept me seeking and trying to achieve it. It kept me on a path of exploration and discovery.

The downside was that I was not sustainable HAVING the experience of freedom, no matter what I accomplished or where I was, and being frustrated and burned out from the never-ending chase.

 Everything started to turn around when I learned one powerful truth: We only long for (want) what we perceive we do not have. I realized that in order to HAVE all I desired, I had to make a SHIFT. I had to release the longing (wanting) so I could start having (experiencing). I had to figure out HOW to step into receiving, having, and being all that I already am and already possess – while my brain, eyes, ears, bank account were telling me otherwise.  

Needless to say, this has been a process AND, as I look at that list above, I am happy to say that today I can truly say I AM FREE!

It was the last day of the Retreat. We were sitting in the closing circle, passing a smartphone like a talking stick, recording our message for the owner of the phone as we looked deeply into her eyes and told her how we saw her and how her presence had impacted us in the 2 1/2 days we had spent together.

It was a profoundly sacred and enlightening experience for me. One I get to re-experience every time I listen to the recording.

I had never been so fully seen as my authentic self. I had never LET myself be so fully seen as my authentic self.

In that moment I realized. I’m done. All the soul searching. All the inner healing. All the personal development. All the spiritual seeking had led up to That. Very. Moment.

I was finally free.

Free enough to let myself be seen and known for the truth of who I am. Unapologetic. Unafraid. Unencumbered by what other people may think or say.

Free to speak my truth. The truth of what I think or perceive. Without fear of reprisal. Of being ex-communicated. Outcast. Burned at the stake, hung from a tree, or beaten senseless.

Free to feel sexy and vibrant in my size 12 body

Free to save myself first. Take care of my needs. Ask for what I want. Make up my own rules.

Free to wear my hair naturally and wear clothes that are not “age appropriate”.

Free to place a high monetary value on my expertise.

Free to live in juicy joy!

I’m done.

Done letting my fear be greater than my faith. Done feeling like I need to prove my worth – to anyone. Done hanging out with people who are not interested in being happier and finding joy. Done accepting less than I desire or being apologetic for wanting more. Done hiding out and playing it “safe”. Done needing someone else’s “blessing” or approval to be, do or have what I desire.

As I returned home I asked myself, “What now?”

The answer was clear… Help more people to set themselves free.

That’s what the Emancipation Tour is all about.

It’s a series of live one day immersions to help you get clear on where you are still in bondage and give you the keys to set yourself free.

You game? 

Are you ready to stop SEEKING and start HAVING more FREEDOM?

The Emancipation Tour 2017-18 is a series of one-day events, in different cities around the world, designed to illuminate where you are holding yourself captive and show you how to liberate yourself so you can live your ultimate and personal financial freedom. Remove the shackles of self doubt and fear and find your juicy joy!

The purpose is to help you identify and liberate yourself from the unconscious emotional, physical and mental patterns that are enslaving you and help you step into a new paradigm-shifting mindset that allows you to experience greater joy, ease and prosperity. 

As a life and business success coach, intuitive healer and retreat faciltator, I have been guiding people through the process of transformation for over 30 years. I have learned that big transformations are the result of a series of smaller shifts.

The most powerful shift of all is the mind-shift. The place we need liberation is in our MIND. 

I have seen, and experienced first hand, how changing the way you think, and what you believe, can change your reality!

The first step is awareness. Awareness is so powerful, that it is often enough to create a transformation. After all you can’t change what you can’t see! 

What does that mean? 

We are all impacted to some degree by social, cultural, familial and religious conditioning. We have belief systems that drive our behavior and help to ‘keep us safe’ and operate within the paradigms of societal norms. 
We have unresolved past experiences that are impacting our lives in unconscious ways, limiting our potential and our ability to create freely, and to receive abundantly, joyfully and sustainably.
We are all giving our power away somewhere. 
And when you give your power away, your money goes with it.
I’m going to show you an easy way to discover your power leaks and plug them!
We’re going to take your power back and help you anchor it in your physical body. 
You’re going to learn a simple tool for connecting with, and amplifying, your internal power.
We are going to identify some areas where you’re mentally enslaved. (And just seeing it begins the process of liberation!)
You will learn the PATH to Ultimate Freedom.

It is the ultimate permission slip to create and live the life YOU want!